00160 Willingness to improve fluid volume balance

Definition of the NANDA label

Balance pattern between fluid volume and the chemical composition of body fluids that is sufficient to meet physical needs and can be reinforced.

Defining characteristics

• Expresses desire to improve fluid balance.
• Stable weight.
• Moist mucous membranes.
• Adequate food and liquid intake for daily needs.
• Straw-colored urine with a specific gravity within normal.
• Good skin turgor.
• There is no excessive thirst.
• The diuresis is adequate in relation to the contribution.
• There is no evidence of edema or dehydration.


• Hydration.


• Fluid and electrolyte management.
• Handling of liquids.
• Liquid monitoring.
• Neurological monitoring.
• Promotion of self-care.
• Teaching.