00123 Unilateral neglect

00123 Unilateral neglect

Definition of the NANDA label

State in which the individual is unaware of one side of her body and does not pay attention to it.

Impairment in sensory and motor response, mental representation, and spatial attention of the body, and the corresponding environment, characterized by inattention to one side and overattention to the opposite side. Left-side neglect is more severe and persistent than right-side neglect.

Defining characteristics

• Persistent inattention to stimuli on the affected side.
• Lack of visual contact with the affected side.
• Lack of self-care on the affected side.
• Inattention to posture or precautionary measures adopted with respect to the side that is affected.
• Leave food on the plate on the affected side.
• Do not look to the affected side.

Related factors

• Neurological disease or trauma.
• Effects of alteration of perceptual abilities (hemianopia, unilateral blindness).

Associated condition

• Brain injury


• AVD personal care.
• Body image.
• Initial body position.


• Helps with self-care.
• Management of hemiplegia.
• Support in decision making.
• Advice.