00144 Traumatic rape syndrome: silent reaction

00144 Traumatic rape syndrome silent reaction

Definition of the NANDA label

Subcomponent of traumatic rape syndrome in which the affected person is unable to make verbal references or statements about the attack.

Defining characteristics

• Refusal to narrate the violation.
• Sudden triggering of phobic reactions.
• Sudden changes in relationships with the opposite sex.
• Marked changes in generalized sexual behavior.
• Intensification of nightmares.
• Increased anxiety during interviews:
– Blocking of associations.
– Long periods of silence.
– Slight stuttering.
– Physical discomfort.


• Self-control of anxiety.
• Recovery from abuse: emotional.
• Recovery from abuse: sexual.
• Overcoming problems.
• Control of depression.
• Self esteem.
• Impulse control.
• Protection from abuse.
• Repression of self-mutilation.
• Impulse control.
• Protection from abuse.


• Advice.
• Increased coping.
• Treatment of the trauma of rape.
• Intervention in case of crisis.
• Boost self-esteem.
• Active listening.
• Facilitate communication.
• Help to control anger.
• Training to control impulses.
• Support in the protection against abuse.
• Environmental management: prevention of violence.
• Behavior management: self-injury.
• Suicide prevention.