00168 Sedentary lifestyle

00168 Sedentary lifestyle

Definition of the NANDA label

Reports on lifestyle habits characterized by a low level of physical activity.

A habit of life that is characterized by a low physical activity level.

Defining characteristics

• Choosing a daily routine with low content in physical activity.
• Shows lack of physical form.
• Verbalizes the preference for activities with a low content of physical activity.

Related factors

• Lack of knowledge of the health benefits of physical exercise.
• Lack of training in physical exercise.
• Lack of resources (time, money, partner, skill).
• Lack of motivation.
• Lack of interest.


• Energy conservation.
• Resistance.
• Tolerance to the activity.
• Exercise.
• Participation in leisure activities.
• Self esteem.


• Energy management.
• Promotion of exercise: extension training.
• Promotion of exercise: balance.
• Therapeutic guides.
• Relaxation therapy.
• Activity therapy.
• Behavior modification.
• Teaching: exercise.