00188 Risk-prone health behavior

00188 Risk-prone health behavior

Definition of the NANDA label

Impaired ability to modify lifestyle or behaviors in a way that improves health.

Impaired ability to modify lifestyle and/or actions in a manner that improves the level of wellness.

Defining characteristics

• Demonstration of non-acceptance of the change in health status.
• Failure to achieve an optimal sense of control.
• Failure to take actions that would prevent new health problems.
• Minimization of change in health status.

Related factors

• Excessive alcohol intake.
• Inadequate understanding.
• Inadequate social support.
• Low degree of personal efficacy.
• Multiple stressors.
• Negative attitude towards health care.
• Smoking.

At risk population

• Family history of alcoholism
• Economically disadvantaged


• Immunization.
• Risk control.
• Preparation of information.
• Self-care.
• Coping.
• Communication.
• Responsibility.


• Information management.
• Help in making health decisions.
• Favor family support.
• Promotion of the role.
• Healthy behavior.
• Prevention.
• Promote self-responsibility.