00179 Risk for unstable blood glucose level

00179 Risk for unstable blood glucose level

Definition of the NANDA label

Risk of variation of the normal limits of blood glucose levels.

Susceptible to variation in serum levels of glucose from the normal range, which may compromise health.

Risk factors

• Poor knowledge about managing diabetes.
• Level of development.
• Dietary contribution.
• Inadequate monitoring of blood glucose.
• Lack of acceptance of the diagnosis.
• Lack of adherence to the treatment plan for diabetes.
• Lack of a treatment plan for diabetes.
• Medication management.
• Mental health status.
• Level of physical activity.
• State of physical health.
• Pregnancy.
• Periods of rapid growth.
• Stress.
• Weight gain.
• Weightloss.

At risk population

• Alteration in mental status
• Compromised physical health status
• Delay in cognitive development
• Rapid growth period

Associated condition

• Pregnancy


• Electrolyte and acid-base balance.
• Water balance.
• Nutritional status: food and liquid intake.
• Hydration.
• Physical activity.
• Self-care.


• Nutrition management.
• Nutritional monitoring.
• Neurological monitoring.
• Monitoring of vital signs.
• Promotion of self-care.
• Promotion of self-responsibility.