00156 Risk for sudden infant death

00156 Risk for sudden infant death

Definition of the NANDA label

Presence of risk factors for the sudden death of a child under 1 year of age.

Susceptible to unpredicted death of an infant.

Risk factors


• Lay children in the prone or lateral decubitus position.
• Pre or postnatal exposure of the child to tobacco smoke.
• Child excessively hot or clothed in excess.
• Soft mattress or clothes too loose to sleep on.
• Late or no prenatal care.

Partially modifiable

• Low birth weight.
• Prematurity.
• Very young mother.

Not modifiable

• Male sex.
• Temporality of deaths from sudden infant death syndrome (highest in the fall and winter months).
• Mortality peaks due to sudden infant death syndrome between 2 and 4 months of age.

At risk population

• African American Ethnicity
• Age 2-4 months
• Infant not breastfed exclusively or fed with expressed breast milk – Low birth weight
• Male gender
• Maternal smoking during pregnancy
• Native American Ethnicity
• Postnatal exposure to alcohol
• Postnatal exposure to elicit drug
• Prematurity
• Prenatal exposure to alcohol
• Prenatal exposure to elicit drug
• Young parental age

Associated condition

• Cold weather


• Fetal status.
• Adaptation of the newborn.
• Neonate thermoregulation.
• Status of vital signs.
• Establishment of breastfeeding: infant.
• Knowledge: child care.
• Risk control.


• Advice on breastfeeding.
• Help with breastfeeding.
• Newborn monitoring.
• Promotion of family involvement.
• Support in decision making.
• Parental education of the child.
• Identification of risks.
• Health education.
• Teaching: care of the newborn.
• Surveillance: security.
• Resuscitation: neonate.
• Prevention.