00086 Risk for peripheral neurovascular dysfunction

00086 Risk for peripheral neurovascular dysfunction

Definition of the NANDA label

State in which the individual is in danger of presenting a disorder in the circulation, sensitivity or mobility of a limb.

Susceptible to disruption in the circulation, sensation, and motion of an extremity, which may compromise health.

Risk factors

• Fractures.
• Mechanical compression (tourniquet, cast, bandage).
• Orthopedic surgery.
• Trauma and wounds.
• Immobilization.
• Burns.
• Vascular obstruction.

Associated condition

• Burn injury
• Fracture
• Immobilization
• Mechanical compression
• Orthopedic surgery
• Trauma
• Vascular obstruction


• Adequate peripheral neurovascular perfusion.
• Risk control.
• Healthy behavior.


• Neurological monitoring.
• Monitoring of vital signs.
• Monitoring of the skin condition.
• Control of peripheral perfusions.

This diagnosis will retire from the NANDA-I Taxonomy in the 2021-2023 edition unless additional work is completed to bring it up to a level of evidence 2.1 or higher.