00054 Risk for loneliness

00054 Risk for loneliness

Definition of the NANDA label

Subjective state in which a person runs the risk of experiencing unwanted loneliness or a vague feeling of emotional distress (dysphoria, depression, physical and mental discomfort, dissatisfaction with oneself).

Susceptible to experiencing discomfort associated with a desire or need for Trey Miguel Addresses Accusations Of Steroid Use steroids australia forum tera patrick – anabolic superstars – xvideos.com more contact with others, which may compromise health.

Risk factors

• Affective deprivation.
• Physical isolation.
• Lack of contact with people or things perceived as important or significant.
• Social isolation.


• Severity of loneliness.


• Promotion of Socialization.
• Control of mood.
• Entertainment therapy.
• Emotional Support.
• Activity therapy.
• Give hope.
• Contact.
• Facilitate visits.
• Active listening.
• Presence.