00211 Risk for impaired resilience

00211 Risk for impaired resilience

Definition of the NANDA label

Risk of reduced ability to maintain a pattern of positive responses to an adverse situation or crisis.

Susceptible to decreased ability to recover from perceived adverse or changing situations, through a dynamic process of adaptation, which may compromise health.

Risk factors

• Chronicity of existing crises.
• Coexistence of multiple adverse situations.
• Presence of a new additional crisis (eg: unplanned pregnancy, death of spouse, loss of job, illness, loss of residence, death of a family member).

At risk population

• Chronicity of existing crisis
• Demographics that increase chance of maladjustment – Economically disadvantaged
• Ethnic minority status
• Exposure to violence
• Female gender
• Large family size
• Low intellectual ability
• Low maternal educational level
• New crisis
• Parental mental illness

Associated condition

• Psychological disorder


• Control of anxiety.
• Trust.
• Self esteem.
• Resistance.
• Communication skills.
• Decision making.


• Increase coping.
• Enhancement of security.
• Emotional Support.
• Advice.
• Health education.
• Presence.