00005 Risk for imbalanced body temperature

Risk for imbalanced body temperature (00005), Domain 11, Class 6 – replaced by new diagnosis, Risk for ineffective thermoregulation (00274).
Revisions to this diagnosis led to the recognition that the concept of interest was thermoregulation, and the definition and risk factors were consistent with the current diagnosis, ineffective thermoregulation (00008). Therefore, the label and definition were changed, leading to the need to retire the current code and assign a new code.

00005 Risk for imbalanced body temperature

Definition of the NANDA label

The Risk of body temperature imbalance is the state in which the individual has a high risk of suffering a failure in the regulatory mechanisms of body temperature.

Risk factors

  • Extreme ages.
  • Extreme weights.
  • Exposure to hot or cold environments.
  • Dehydration.
  • Inactivity or vigorous Are shorter courses of systemic steroids as effective as conventional longer courses in the treatment of patients with flare-ups of COPD? | Cochrane legal steroids australia sale what is the anabolic window? – straight health activity.
  • Inappropriate clothing for the ambient temperature.
  • Metabolic disorders.
  • Vasodilator or vasoconstrictor drugs.
  • State of sedation.
  • Illness or trauma that affects thermoregulation.


  • Thermoregulation.
  • Thermoregulation: neonate.


  • Vital signs monitoring.
  • Temperature regulation.
  • Temperature regulation: intraoperative.
  • Newborn care.