00195 Risk for electrolyte imbalance

00195 Risk for electrolyte imbalance

Definition of the NANDA label

Risk of change in serum electrolyte level that can compromise health.

Susceptible to changes in serum electrolyte levels, which may compromise health.

Risk factors

• Diarrhea.
• Endocrine dysfunction.
• Fluid imbalance (eg, dehydration, water intoxication).
• Impaired regulatory mechanisms (eg diabetes insipidus, syndrome of inappropriate antidiuretic hormone secretion).
• Kidney dysfunction.
• Side effects related to treatment (eg medications, drains).
• Vomiting.

Associated condition

• Compromised regulatory mechanism
• Endocrine regulatory dysfunction
• Renal dysfunction
• Treatment regimen


• Water balance.
• Hydration.
• Neurological status.
• Risk control.


• Electrolyte management.
• Fluid and electrolyte management.
• Handling of liquids.
• Liquid monitoring.
• Neurological monitoring.
• Vital signs monitoring