00174 Risk for compromised human dignity

00174 Risk for compromised human dignity

Definition of the NANDA label

Risk of perceived loss of respect and honor.

Susceptible for perceived loss of respect and honor, which may compromise health.

Risk factors

• Cultural inconsistency.
• Disclosure of confidential information.
• Body exposure.
• Inadequate participation in decision-making.
• Loss of control of bodily functions.
• Perception of dehumanizing treatment.
• Perception of humiliation.
• Perception of intrusion by professionals.
• Perception of invasion of privacy.
• Stigmatizing label.
• Use of undefined medical terms.


• Level of depression.
• Decision making.
• Privacy.
• Respect.
• Willingness to live.


• Enhancement of self-esteem.
• Emotional Support.
• Support in decision making.
• Give hope.
• Clarification of values.
• Facilitate spiritual growth
• Presence.
• Help to control anger.
• Spiritual support.
• Management of secrecy.
• Adaptation of communication.
• Managing diversity.