00206 Risk for bleeding

00206 Risk for bleeding

Definition of the NANDA label

Risk of decreased blood volume that can compromise health.

Susceptible to a decrease in blood volume, which may compromise health.

Related factors

• Aneurysm.
• Gastrointestinal disorders (eg, gastric ulcer disease, polyps, varicose veins).
• Impaired liver function (eg, cirrhosis).
• Essential coagulopathies (eg, thrombocytopenia).
• Postpartum complications (eg uterine atony, retention of the placenta).
• Complications related to pregnancy (eg, placenta previa, molar pregnancy, premature placental abruption).
• Trauma.
• Treatment-related side effects (eg, surgery, medications, administration of platelet-deficient blood products, chemotherapy).

At risk population

• History of falls

Associated condition

• Aneurysm
• Circumcision
• Disseminated intravascular coagulopathy
• Gastrointestinal condition
• Impaired liver function
• Inherent coagulopathy
• Postpartum complication
• Pregnancy complication
• Trauma
• Treatment regimen


• Maintenance of tissue integrity.
• Risk control.
• Knowledge.
• Self-care.


• Monitoring of vital signs.
• Support.
• Postural control.
• Surveillance.
• Health guides.
• Teaching for self-care.

Additional risk factors to be developed.