00171 Readiness for enhanced religiosity

00171 Readiness for enhanced religiosity

Definition of the NANDA label

Ability to increase confidence in religious beliefs and / or participate in the rites of a particular religious tradition.

A pattern of reliance on religious beliefs and/or participation in rituals of a particular faith tradition, which can be strengthened.

Defining characteristics

• Expresses wishes to reinforce their customs and religious belief patterns that have provided comfort / religion in the past.
• Seeks help to increase participation in prescribed religious beliefs by:
– Religious ceremonies.
– Rituals / dietary regulations.
– Dress.
– Prayers.
– Worship / religious services.
– Private religious conduct / reading of religious material / religious media.
– Practices on holidays.
• Seeks help to increase your religious options.
• Request to meet with religious leaders / facilitators.
• Request forgiveness, reconciliation.
• Requests materials and / or rejects patterns of beliefs and customs that are harmful.


• Spiritual health.
• Hope.


• Spiritual support.
• Facilitate spiritual growth.
• Give hope.
• Emotional Support.
• Presence.