00164 Readiness for enhanced parenting

00164 Readiness for enhanced parenting

Definition of the NANDA label

Pattern of providing an environment for children or other dependent persons that is sufficient to promote growth and development and that can be reinforced.

A pattern of providing an environment for children to nurture growth and development, which can be strengthened.

Defining characteristics

• Expresses desire to improve the parental role.
• The child or other dependents express satisfaction with the home environment.
• The tacit and emotional support for children or dependents is evident; the bonding or union is evident.
• The physical and emotional needs of children or dependents are met.
• Expectations for children or dependents are realistic.


• Execution of the role.
• Family functions.
• Father-son emotional ties.
• Be dad.
• Social support.


• Environmental management: safety.
• Surveillance: security.
• Parental education.
• Stimulation of family integrity.
• Promotion of fatherhood.
• Promotion of child development: specify.
• Role empowerment.
• Maintenance in family processes.
• Child care.
• Promotion of rapprochement.
• Promotion of development.
• Increase in support systems.
• Increase in family involvement.