00163 Readiness for enhanced nutrition

00163 Readiness for enhanced nutrition

Definition of the NANDA label

Nutrient supply pattern that is sufficient to meet metabolic needs and can be reinforced.

A pattern of nutrient intake, which can be strengthened.

Defining characteristics

• Manifestation of wishes to improve nutrition.
• Regular intakes.
• Adequate supply of food.
• Adequate fluid intake.
• Manifestation of knowledge about healthy food and liquid choices.
• Tracking an appropriate standard for input (for example, the food pyramid).
• Safety in the preparation of food and liquids.
• Safety in the storage of food and liquids.
• Attitude toward eating and drinking is consistent with health goals.


• Compliance behavior.
• Behavior of obedience.
• Knowledge of the therapeutic regimen.
• Participation in decisions about health care.


• Agreement with the patient.
• Establishment of common objectives.
• Behavior modification.
• Health education.
• Advance guide.
• Health system guide.
• Education, procedure.
• Education, treatment.
• Help in modifying oneself.