00162 Readiness for enhanced health management

00162 Readiness for enhanced health management

Definition of the NANDA label

Pattern of regulation and integration in the daily life of the person subjected to a program for the treatment of a disease and its consequences sufficient to achieve the intended health objectives and that can be reinforced.

A pattern of regulating and integrating into daily living a therapeutic regimen for the treatment of illness and its sequelae, which can be strengthened.


• Expresses desire to manage the treatment of the disease and the prevention of sequelae.
• Choices in daily living are appropriate to meet prevention or treatment goals.
• Manifests little or no difficulty in regulating or integrating one or more of the regimens prescribed for the treatment of the disease or for the prevention of possible complications.
• Describes the reduction of risk factors for the progression of the disease and its sequelae.
• There is no unexpected acceleration of the symptoms of the disease.


• Compliance behavior.
• Behavior of obedience.
• Risk control.
• Symptom control.
• Participation in decisions about health care.


• Agreement with the patient.
• Establishment of common objectives.
• Behavior modification.
• Health education.
• Advance guide.
• Health system guide.
• Education, procedure.
• Education, treatment.
• Help in modifying oneself