00159 Readiness for enhanced family processes

00159 Readiness for enhanced family processes

Definition of the NANDA label

Family functioning pattern that is sufficient to support the well-being of family members and that can be reinforced.

A pattern of family functioning to support the well-being of its members, which can be strengthened.

Defining characteristics

• Manifestation of wishes to improve family dynamics.
• Family functioning allows meeting the physical, social and psychological needs of family members.
• Activities support the growth and safety of family members.
• Communication is adequate.
• In general, established relationships are positive; there is interdependence with members of the community; family tasks are performed.
• Family roles are flexible and developmentally appropriate.
• Respect for family members is evident.
• The family adapts to changes.
• Family member boundaries are maintained.
• The family’s energy level supports activities of daily living.
• The family’s power of recovery is evident.
• There is a balance between autonomy and cohesion.


• Family functioning.
• Be dad.


• Family support.
• Role empowerment.
• Family mobilization.
• Maintenance of family processes.
• Advice.
• Health education.