00158 Readiness for enhanced coping

00158 Readiness for enhanced coping

Definition of the NANDA label

Pattern of cognitive and behavioral efforts to handle demands that is sufficient for well-being and can be reinforced.

A pattern of valid appraisal of stressors with cognitive and/or behavioral efforts to manage demands related to well-being, which can be strengthened.

Defining characteristics

• Define stressors as manageable.
• Seek social support.
• Uses a wide range of strategies aimed at solving problems and controlling emotions.
• Use spiritual resources.
• Supports having energy.
• Seeks knowledge of new strategies.
• Is aware of possible environmental changes.


• Impulse control.
• Execution of the role.
• Preparation of information.
• Social support.
• Overcoming problems.
• Decision making.


• Training to control impulses.
• Environmental management: prevention of violence.
• Increase coping.
• Role empowerment.
• Facilitate learning.
• Enhancement of readiness for learning.
• Increase support systems.
• Promotion of family involvement.
• Support group.
• Support in decision making.