00106 Readiness for enhanced breastfeeding

00106 Readiness for enhanced breastfeeding

Definition of the NANDA label

State in which the mother-child / family demonstrate adequate skill and satisfaction in the breastfeeding process.

A pattern of feeding milk from the breasts to an infant or child, which may be strengthened.

Defining characteristics

• The mother is able to correctly position the infant for feeding to be successful in the sucking response.
• The infant is satisfied after feeding.
• The infant’s sucking and swallowing mechanism is effective and regular.
• The infant’s weight pattern is appropriate for her age.
• Communication between mother and child is effective (infant responses, interpretation and mother’s responses).
• There are signs and / or symptoms of oxytocin release.
• The infant’s elimination patterns are appropriate for her age.
• Avidity of the infant to suckle.
• Verbal references from the mother about her satisfaction with breastfeeding.

Related factors

• Mother’s confidence in herself.
• Adequate knowledge of the basic rules of breastfeeding.
• Normality in the anatomy and function of the maternal breast.
• Normal parameters in the oral anatomy of the infant.
• Gestational age of the infant greater than 34 weeks.
• Sources of support.


• Establishment of breastfeeding.
• Breastfeeding: weaning.
• Maintenance of breastfeeding.


• Advice on breastfeeding.
• Help with breastfeeding.
• Newborn monitoring.
• Parental education of the child.
• Surveillance of the skin.