00125 Power lessness

00125 Power lessness

Definition of the NANDA label

State in which the individual perceives that their actions will not significantly affect the results of a certain event, or that they have no control over some current situation or an immediate event.

The lived experience of lack of control over a situation, including a perception that one’s actions do not significantly affect an outcome.

Defining characteristics

• Expressions of uncertainty about fluctuating energy levels.
• Passivity.


• Lack of participation in care or decision-making when given the opportunity to do so.
• Resentment, anger, guilt.
• Refusal to express true feelings.
• Passivity.
• Dependence on others that can result in irritability.
• Fear of alienation from caregivers.
• Expressions of dissatisfaction and frustration due to the inability to carry out previous tasks or activities.
• Expressions of doubt regarding the performance of the role.
• Lack of control of progress.
• Lack of defense of self-care practices when they are questioned.
• Inability to seek information regarding your care.


• Verbal expressions of lacking control:
– About her self-care.
– Influence on the situation.
– Influence on the result.
• Apathy.
• Depression due to physical deterioration that occurs despite monitoring treatment.

Related factors

• Health care environment.
• Interpersonal interaction.
• Treatment related to a disease.
• Hopeless lifestyle.

At risk population

• Economically disadvantaged

Associated condition

• Complex treatment regimen
• Illness
• Progressive illness
• Unpredictability of illness trajectory


• Control of depression.
• Belief about health.
• Participation of the family in professional health care.


• Control of mood.
• Enhancement of self-esteem.
• Cognitive restructuring.
• Clarification of values.
• Health education.
• Establishment of common objectives.
• Support in decision making.
• Facilitate self-responsibility.
• Assistance with financial resources.
• Health system guides.
• Promotion of family involvement.