00060 Interrupted family processes

00060 Interrupted family processes

Definition of the NANDA label

Change in relationships or family functioning.

Break in the continuity of family functioning which fails to support the wellbeing of its members.

Defining characteristics

• Changes in:
– Alliances of power.
– Assigned tasks.
– The effectiveness in carrying out the assigned tasks.
– Mutual support.
– Availability for affective responses and intimacy.
– The patterns and rituals.
– Participation in problem solving.
– Participation in decision-making.
– Communication patterns.
– The availability for emotional support.
– Satisfaction with the family.
– Stress reduction behaviors.
– Expressions of conflict with community resources or isolation from them.
– Somatic complaints.
– The expression of conflicts in the family.

Related factors

• Change of power of family members.
• Change of family roles.
• Change in the health status of a family member.
• Situations of transition or crisis
• Formal or informal interaction with the community
• Modification in the social status of the family.
• Modification of family finances.

At risk population

• Change in family finances
• Change in family social status
• Developmental crisis
• Developmental transition
• Situational crisis
• Situational transition

Associated condition

• Shift in health status of a family member


• Normalization of the family.
• Family functioning.
• Be dad.
• Overcoming family problems.


• Family support.
• Role empowerment.
• Family mobilization.
• Maintenance of family processes.
• Advice.
• Health Education.
• Stimulation of family integrity.
• Promotion of family normalization.
• Parental education.
• Promotion of fatherhood.
• Increased coping.

This diagnosis will retire from the NANDA-I Taxonomy in the 2021-2023 edition unless additional work is completed to bring it up to a level of evidence 2.1 or higher.