00105 Interrupted breastfeeding

00105 Interrupted breastfeeding

Definition of the NANDA label

Interruption of the breastfeeding process due to the child’s inability to suckle or the inconvenience of doing so.

Break in the continuity of feeding milk from the breasts, which may compromise breastfeeding success and/or nutritional status of the infant/child.

Defining characteristics

• The infant does not feed at the breast in one or more feedings.
• The mother’s desire to continue breastfeeding or to be able to provide milk to meet the infant’s nutritional needs.
• Separation of mother and infant.
• Lack of knowledge when it comes to expressing and storing breast milk.

Related factors

• Illness of the mother or infant.
• Prematurity.
• Difficulties for breastfeeding due to the mother’s work activity.
• Contraindications to breastfeeding (drugs, food, physiological jaundice).
• Manifestation of the sudden need to carry out weaning.

At risk population

– Hospitalization of child – Prematurity

Associated condition

– Contraindications to breastfeeding
– Infant illness
– Maternal illness


• Knowledge: breastfeeding.
• Maintenance of breastfeeding.
• Affective ties: father and son.


• Advice on breastfeeding.
• Feeding by bottle.
• Promotion of family involvement.
• Support in decision making.
• Environmental management: approach.
• Emotional Support.