00065 Ineffective sexuality pattern

00065 Ineffective sexuality pattern

Definition of the NANDA label

State in which the individual expresses concern in relation to their sexuality.

Expressions of concern regarding own sexuality.

Defining characteristics

• Manifestation of difficulties, limitations or changes in sexual behaviors and activities.

Related factors

• Inefficiency or absence of role models.
• Absence of a significant person.
• Lack of privacy.
• Lack of theoretical or technical knowledge about alternative sexual responses to:
– Health-related transitions.
– Alterations of body structure or functions.
– Illnesses or medical treatments.
• Conflict with sexual orientation or variations in preferences.
• Fear of pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases.
• Deterioration of relationships with the significant other.

At risk population

• Absence of significant other


• Self esteem.
• Child development.
• Execution of the role.
• Sexual identity: acceptance.
• Body image.
• Recovery from abuse: sexual.


• Sexual counseling.
• Increase coping.
• Emotional Support.
• Advice.
• Enhancement of self-esteem.
• Parental education.
• Promotion of development.
• Facilitate self-responsibility.
• Teaching: safe sex.
• Family planning: contraception.
• Role empowerment.
• Sexual counseling.
• Enhancement of body image.