00107 Ineffective infant feeding pattern

00107 Ineffective infant feeding pattern

Definition of the NANDA label

State in which the child shows difficulties in sucking or coordinating the sucking and swallowing reflexes.

Impaired ability of an infant to suck or coordinate the suck-swallow response resulting in inadequate oral nutrition for metabolic needs.

Defining characteristics

• Inability to initiate or maintain effective suction.
• Difficulty coordinating sucking, swallowing and breathing.

Related factors

• Prolonged absolute diet.
• Prematurity.
• Neurological delay or deterioration.
• Oral hypersensitivity.
• Anatomical defects.

At risk population

• Prematurity

Associated condition

• Neurological delay
• Neurological impairment
• Oral hypersensitivity


• Establishment of breastfeeding: infant.
• State of swallowing.
• Nutritional status: food and liquid intake.
• Muscle function.
• Maintenance of breastfeeding.


• Counseling for breastfeeding.
• Help with breastfeeding.
• Non-nutritive suction.
• Swallowing therapy.
• Enteral tube feeding.
• Umbilical care.