00072 Ineffective denial

00072 Ineffective denial

Definition of the NANDA label

Conscious or unconscious attempt by a person to ignore the knowledge or meaning of an event, in order to reduce their fear or anxiety to the detriment of their health.

Conscious or unconscious attempt to disavow the knowledge or meaning of an event to reduce anxiety and/or fear, leading to the detriment of health.

Defining characteristics

• Delay in seeking professional help or refusal of health care to the detriment of health.
• Imperception of the importance of symptoms or dangerous situations.
• Use of home remedies (self-medication) to relieve symptoms.
• Denial of fear of death or disability.
• Minimization of symptoms.
• Displacement of the origin of the symptoms to other organs.
• Inability to admit the impact of illness on lifestyle.
• Indifference or giving little importance to painful events when talking about them.
• Displacement of fear of the consequences of the disease.
• Display of inappropriate emotions.


• Control of anxiety.
• Control of fear.
• Symptom control
• Beliefs about health: perceived threat.


• Emotional Support.
• Advice.
• Increased coping.
• Decreased anxiety.
• Enhancement of security.
• Relaxation techniques.
• Help in self-modification.
• Facilitate self-responsibility.
• Education for health.
• Education: disease process.
• Enhancement of self-awareness.
• Active listening.
• Facilitate communication.