00199 Ineffective activity planning

00199 Ineffective activity planning

Definition of the NANDA label

Inability to prepare for a set of actions fixed in time and under certain conditions.

Defining characteristics

• Verbalization of fear of the task to be performed.
• Verbalization of concern about the task to be performed.
• Excessive anxiety about the task to be done.
• Failure in the pattern of conduct.
• Lack of plan.
• Lack of resources.
• Lack of sequential organization.
• Lack of resolution.
• Lack of achievement of the objectives for the chosen activity.

Related factors

• Compromise of the ability to process information.
• Defensive flight behavior when faced with a proposed solution.
• Hedonism.
• Lack of family support.
• Lack of support from friends.
• Unrealistic perception of events.
• Unrealistic perception of personal competencies.


• Knowledge.
• Responsibility.
• Effective planning.


• Teaching the disease process.
• Teaching the procedure or treatment.
• Health system guides.
• Teaching: individual.
• Teaching: prescribed medications.
• Teaching: prescribed diet.
• Teaching: prescribed activity.
• Advice.
• Favor family support.