00089 Impaired wheelchair mobility

00089 Impaired wheelchair mobility

Definition of the NANDA label

Limitation of independent manipulation of the wheelchair in the environment.

Limitation of independent operation of wheelchair within environment.

Defining characteristics

• Impaired ability to maneuver the manual or power wheelchair on smooth or uneven surfaces.
• Impaired ability to maneuver the manual or electric wheelchair on an upward or downward incline.
• Impaired ability to avoid obstacles with the wheelchair.

The level of independence must be specified

Associated condition

• Alteration in cognitive functioning
• Impaired vision
• Musculoskeletal impairment
• Neuromuscular impairment


• Ambulation: wheelchair.
• Balance.
• Muscle function.
• Level of mobility.


• Postural changes.
• Pressure control.
• Promotion of exercise: extension training.
• Exercise therapy: balance.
• Exercise therapy: muscle control.