00088 Impaired walking

00088 Impaired walking

Definition of the NANDA label

Limitation of independent movement on foot in the environment.

Limitation of independent movement within the environment on foot.

Defining characteristics

• Impaired ability to:
– climbing stairs.
– walk the required distances.
– walking on an upward or downward incline.
– walking on uneven surfaces.
– get around obstacles.

Related factors

  • Cognitive impairment.
  • insufficient muscle strength.

Suggested classification at a functional level:

0 = fully autonomous.
1 = requires help from computer or device.
2 = requires another person for help, supervision or teaching.
3 = requires help from another person and from a computer or device.
4 = dependent, does not participate in the activity.

Associated condition

• Alteration in cognitive functioning
• Impaired balance
• Impaired vision
• Musculoskeletal impairment
• Neuromuscular impairment


• Personal care: activities of daily living (ADL).
• Wandering.
• Level of mobility.
• Resistance.


• Help with self-care.
• Exercise therapy.
• Energy management.