00033 Impaired spontaneous ventilation

00033 Impaired spontaneous ventilation

Definition of the NANDA label

State characterized by a decrease in energy reserves that causes the individual to be unable to hold their breath properly to stay alive.

Inability to initiate and/or maintain independent breathing that is adequate to support life.

Defining characteristics

• Dyspnea.
• Increased metabolic expenditure.
• Increasing agitation and apprehension.
• Decrease in circulating volume.
• Use of accessory respiratory muscles.
• Tachycardia.
• Decrease in pO2 and increase in pCO2.
• Decrease in Sa O2.
• Decreased cooperation.

Related factors

• Metabolic factors.
• Fatigue of the respiratory muscles.

Associated condition
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• Status of vital signs.
• Respiratory state: gas exchange.
• Respiratory status: ventilation.


• Monitoring of vital signs.
• Respiratory monitoring.
• Management of artificial airways.
• Mechanic ventilation.
• Helps in ventilation.
• Airway management.

This diagnosis will retire from the NANDA-I Taxonomy in the 2021-2023 edition unless additional work is completed to bring it up to a level of evidence 2.1 or higher.