00131 Impaired memory

00131 Impaired memory

Definition of the NANDA label

Inability to recall or retrieve pieces of information or behavioral skills (Memory impairment can be attributed to pathophysiological or situational causes that may be temporary or permanent.)

Persistent inability to remember or recall bits of information or skills

Defining characteristics

• Information or observation of experiences of forgetfulness.
• Inability to remember if a behavior has already been carried out.
• Inability to learn or retain new skills or information.
• Inability to perform a previously learned skill.
• Inability to recall factual information.
• Inability to remember recent or past events.
• Forgets to perform a behavior at the time scheduled for it.

Related factors

• Excessive environmental alterations.
• Acute or chronic hypoxia.
• Anemia.
• Decreased cardiac output.
• Fluid and electrolyte imbalance.
• Neurological disorders.

Associated condition

• Anemia
• Brain injury
• Decrease in cardiac output
• Electrolyte imbalance
• Hypoxia
• Mild cognitive impairment
• Neurological impairment
• Parkinson’s Disease


• Neurological status.
• Memory.
• Cognitive orientation.


• Improved cerebral perfusion.
• Neurological monitoring.
• Memory training.
• Orientation of reality.