00070 Impaired adaptation

00070 Impaired adaptation

Definition of the NANDA label

State in which the individual is unable to modify her lifestyle or behavior, in a coherent way, in relation to a change in her state of health.

Defining characteristics

• Denial of non-acceptance of the change in health status.
• Failure to achieve an optimal sense of control.
• Inability to take actions that would prevent new health problems.
• Demonstration of non-acceptance of the change in health status.

Related factors

• Inability to make a variation in lifestyle given the change in health status.
• Lack of social support to cope with the change of ideas and practices.
• Lack of motivation to change behaviors.
• Lack of attempts to change behavior.
• Multiple stressors.
• Lack of optimism.
• Intense emotional state.
• Negative attitudes towards health behavior.


• Execution of the role.
• Preparation of information.
• Social support.
• Overcoming problems.
• Decision making.


• Increase coping.
• Role empowerment.
• Facilitate learning.
• Enhancement of readiness for learning.
• Increase support systems.
• Promotion of family involvement.
• Support group.
• Support in decision making.