00084 Health-generating behaviors (specify)

00084 Health-generating behaviors

Definition of the NANDA label

Situations in which an individual who enjoys stable health actively seeks a way to modify her personal habits or her environment in order to achieve a better or optimal state of health.

Defining characteristics

• Verbal references or observation of desire to achieve a higher state of well-being.
• Demonstration or observation of lack of knowledge about behaviors aimed at promoting health.
• Verbal references of concern about the negative influences that current environmental conditions may have on the state of health.
• Verbal references or observation of desire for greater control over health care practices.
• Verbal references or observation of little familiarity with the resources to promote the well-being of the community.

A stable state of health is considered to exist when preventive measures against age-related diseases are successfully adopted, the person reports enjoying good or excellent health and the signs and symptoms of disease, if any, are they are controlled.


• Health pursuit behavior.
• Health-promoting behavior.
• Behavior of obedience.
• Knowledge: promoting health.
• Knowledge: health resources.
• Beliefs about health.


• Health system guides.
• Identification of risks.
• Support in decision making.
• Clarification of values.
• Education for health.
• Help in modifying oneself.
• Individual education.