00050 Energy field disturbance

00050 Energy field disturbance

Definition of the NANDA label

Disruption of the flow of energy that surrounds a person, resulting in a disharmony of the body, mind and / or spirit.

Defining characteristics

• Perception of changes in energy flow patterns, such as:
– Movement (wavy, jagged, flickering, dense, fluid).
– Sounds (tone, words).
– Changes in temperature (heat, cold).
– Visual changes (image, color).
– Alteration of the field (deficit, void, spiky, protruding, obstructed, congested, decreased flow in the energy field).

Related factors

• Slowing or blocking of energy flow secondary to:

Pathophysiological factors

• Disease (specify).
• Pregnancy.
• Injury.

Factors related to treatment

• Immobility.
• Labor and delivery.
• Preoperative experience.
• Chemotherapy.

Situational factors (personal, environmental)

• Pain.
• Fear.
• Anxiety.
• Grief.

Maturation factors

• Age-related developmental difficulties or crisis (specify).


• Wellness.
• Spiritual well-being.


• Therapeutic contact.
• Enhancement of self-awareness.
• Give hope.
• Facilitation of spiritual growth.