00198 Disturbed sleep pattern

00198 Disturbed sleep pattern

Definition of the NANDA label

Interruptions for a limited time in the quantity and quality of sleep due to external factors.

Time-limited awakenings due to external factors.

Defining characteristics

• Change in normal sleep pattern.
• Complaining from lack of rest.
• Dissatisfaction with sleep.
• Decreased ability to function.
• Reports of having woken up.
• Reports of not having difficulty falling asleep.

Related factors

• Humidity, ambient temperature.
• Responsibilities as a caregiver.
• Change in exposure to daylight-darkness.
• Interruptions (eg: administration of therapies, monitoring, laboratory tests).
• Lack of privacy / sleep control.
• Illumination.
• Noises.
• Noxious odors.
• Physical restraints.
• Sleep partner.
• Unknown furniture in the bedroom.


• Wellness.
• Break.
• Dream.
• Energy conservation.


• Increased coping.
• Encourage sleep.
• Energy management.
• Environmental control: comfort.
• Health education.
• Nutritional management.
• Relaxation exercises