00121 Disturbed personal identity

00121 Disturbed personal identity

Definition of the NANDA label

State in which the individual has an inability to distinguish between himself and what he is not.

Inability to maintain an integrated and complete perception of self.

Defining characteristics

• Ineffective coping.
• Ineffective relationships.

Related factors

• Situational crises.
• Discrimination.
• Manic states.
• Perception of prejudices.
• Dysfunctional family processes.
• Psychiatric disorders.
• Use of psychoactive drugs.

At risk population

• Developmental transition
• Situational crisis
• Exposure to toxic chemical

Associated condition

• Dissociative identity disorder
• Organic brain disorder
• Pharmaceutical agent
• Psychiatric disorder


• Control of distorted thinking.
• Identity.
• Repression of self-mutilation.


• Handling illusory ideas.
• Management of hallucinations.
• Orientation of reality.
• Enhancement of self-esteem.
• Environmental management: prevention of violence.