00111 Delayed growth and development

00111 Delayed growth and development

Definition of the NANDA label

State in which the individual presents deviations from their behavior patterns in relation to those of their age group.

Defining characteristics

• Impaired physical growth.
• Delay or difficulty in performing skills (motor, social, expression) typical of their age group.
• Inability to carry out self-care or self-control activities typical of age.
• Decrease in responses.
• Indifference.
• Abulia.

Related factors

• Effects of physical disability.
• Environmental and stimulation deficiencies.
• Separation from loved ones.
• Inappropriate care: indifference, inappropriate responses, multiple caregivers.
• Prescribed dependency.


• Increase.
• Child development (specify age).
• State of physical aging.
• Physical maturation (male / female).


• Analysis of the health situation.
• Nutrition management.
• Nutritional therapy.
• Neonatal care.
• Promotion of fatherhood.
• Promotion of the child’s development.
• Parental education: family upbringing of children.
• Promotion of development: adolescent.
• Facilitate self-responsibility.
• Identification of risks.