00097 Decreased diversional activity engagement

00097 Decreased diversional activity engagement

Definition of the NANDA label

State in which the individual presents a decrease in stimuli, interest or commitment to participate in recreational activities.

Reduced stimulation, interest, or participation in recreational or leisure activities.

Defining characteristics

• Verbal references to boredom.
• Verbal references of wanting to do something, to read, etc.
• Inability to carry out habitual hobbies due to physical limitations or being in the hospital.

Related factors

• Environment devoid of recreational activities (prolonged hospitalization, frequent and long treatments).

At risk population

• Extremes of age
• Prolonged hospitalization
• Prolonged institutionalization

Associated condition

• Prescribed immobility
• Psychological distress
• Therapeutic isolation


• Participation in leisure activities.
• Participation in games.
• Self esteem.


• Entertainment therapy.
• Game therapy.
• Art therapy.
• Simple relaxation therapy.
• Activity therapy.
• Music therapy.
• Facilitate self-responsibility.