00083 Decisional conflict

00083 Decisional conflict

Definition of the NANDA label

State of uncertainty about the choice of an alternative among various actions when such choice implies risk, loss or challenge of the person’s vital values. (The area of ​​conflict must be specified: related to health, family, economy).

Uncertainty about course of action to be taken when choice among competing actions involves risk, loss, or challenge to values and beliefs.

Defining characteristics

• Doubt between the different options.
• Verbal references to the uncertainty about the choice and the feeling of stress it causes.
• Verbal references of fearing unwanted consequences when making the decision and choosing between the various alternatives.
• Delay in decision making.
• Self-centeredness.
• Physical signs of distress or nervous tension: hypertension, tachycardia, muscular hypertonia, agitation, etc.
• Questioning personal values ​​and beliefs while trying to make a decision.

Related factors

• Unclear personal values ​​or beliefs.
• Perception of threat to personal values.
• Lack of experience in making decisions.
• Interference in decision making.
• Lack of relevant information.
• Inadequate, multiple or divergent sources of information.
• Lack of an effective support system.


• Preparation of information.
• Participation: decisions about health care.
• Decision making.


• Support in decision making.
• Facilitate learning.
• Health system guides.
• Establishment of common objectives.