00108 Bathing self-care deficit

00108 Bathing self-care deficit

Definition of the NANDA label

State in which the individual manifests an inability to carry out or complete bathing and hygiene activities by himself.

Inability to independently complete cleansing activities.

Defining characteristics

• Difficulty purchasing bathroom and cleaning supplies.
• Inability to wash the whole or part of the body.
• Difficulty getting water or getting to a source.
• Inability to regulate the temperature and flow of water.
• Inability to dry the body.
• Difficulty getting in and out of the bathroom.

Risk factors

• Upset
Related factors
• Decreased or lack of motivation.
• Weakness or tiredness.
• Severe anxiety.
• Difficulty perceiving a body part or spatial relationship.
• Perceptual or cognitive impairment.
• Pain.
• Neuromuscular and musculoskeletal impairment.
• Environmental barriers.

Associated condition

• Alteration in cognitive functioning
• Impaired ability to perceive body part
• Impaired ability to perceive spatial relationships
• Musculoskeletal impairment
• Neuromuscular impairment
• Perceptual disorders


• AVD personal care.
• Personal care: bathroom.
• Personal care: hygiene.


• Help with self-care: bathing / hygiene.
• Education for health.