00322 Risk Of Urinary Retention

Domain 3: elimination and exchange
Class 1: urinary function
Diagnostic Code: 00322
Nanda label: urinary retention risk
Diagnostic focus: retention
approved 2020 • Evidence level 3.1

NANDA Nursing Diagnosis Definition

Nanda nursing diagnosis « Risk of urinary retention ” is defined as: susceptible to incomplete emptying of the bladder

Risk factors

  • Limitations of the environment
  • Fecal impact
  • Incorrect posture in the toilet
  • Inadequate relaxation of pelvic soil muscles
  • Insufficient intimacy
  • prolapse of a pelvic organ
  • Weakened bladder musculature

Risk population

  • Puéperas women

Associated problems

  • Benign prostatic hyperplasia
  • Diabetes mellitus
  • Nervous system diseases
  • Pharmacological preparations
  • Urinary tract obstruction