00314 Delay In Child Development

Domain 13: growth/development
Class 2: development
Diagnostic Code: 00314
Nanda label: child development delay
Diagnostic focus: development
Approved 2020 • Evidence level 2.3

NANDA Nursing Diagnosis Definition

The Nanda Nursing Diagnosis « delay in child development is defined as: child who fails continuously in achieving the development objectives in the expected framework. P>

Definite characteristics

  • Difficulty consisting of executing the typical cognitive skills of an age group
  • Difficulty consisting of executing the typical linguistic skills of an age group
  • Difficulty consisting of running the typical motor skills of an age group
  • Difficulty consisting of executing the typical psychosocial skills of an age group

Related factors

Infant or child factors

  • Inappropriate access to the health care provider
  • Inadequate linking behavior
  • Inadequate stimulation
  • Abuse not attended
  • Psychological negligence not resolved

Caregiver factors

  • Anxiety
  • Decreased emotional support availability
  • Depressive symptoms
  • Excessive stress
  • Domestic violence not attended

Risk population

  • Children <0-9 years of age
  • Children born in families at an economic disadvantage
  • Children exposed to community violence
  • Children exposed to environmental pollutants
  • Children whose caregivers (as) have disabilities of development
  • Children whose mothers followed inappropriate prenatal care
  • Children below growth standards for age and sex
  • Institutionalized children
  • Infants with low birth weight
  • Premature infants

Associated problems

  • Prenatal pharmacological preparations
  • Congenital disorder
  • Depression
  • Congenital genetic diseases
  • Maternal mental disorders
  • Maternal physical condition
  • Inappropriate use of prenatal substances
  • Sensitivity disorders