00292 Ineffective Health Maintenance Behaviors

Domain 1: health promotion
Class 2: Health Management
Diagnostic Code: 00292
Nanda label: ineffective health maintenance behaviors
Diagnostic focus: health maintenance behaviors
approved 2020 • Evidence level 2.1

NANDA Nursing Diagnosis Definition

Nanda nursing diagnosis « ineffective health maintenance behaviors is defined as: knowledge management, attitude and health practices that underlie the actions of Health, which is unsatisfactory for maintenance or improvement of well -being or disease prevention and injuries.

Definite characteristics

  • Failure to take actions that prevent health problems
  • Failure to take actions to reduce risk factors
  • Inadequate implication in an action plan
  • Inadequate health literacy
  • Inappropriate interest in health improvement
  • Inappropriate knowledge about basic health practices
  • ineffective decisions in daily life to achieve health objectives
  • Pattern of absence of health search behaviors

Related factors

  • Cognitive dysfunction
  • Contradictory demands
  • Contradictory lifestyle preferences
  • Conflicts between cultural beliefs and health practices
  • Conflict between health behaviors and social norms
  • Conflicts between spiritual beliefs and health practices
  • Depressive symptoms
  • Difficulty accessing community resources
  • Difficulty in handling in complex health systems
  • Difficulty in decision making
  • Inadequate health resources
  • Inadequate social support
  • Inadequate trust in the health professional
  • People with limited experience in decision making
  • Ineffective coping strategies
  • Ineffective family coping
  • Low self -efficacy
  • Imported duel
  • Neurocomportal manifestations
  • Perception of prejudices
  • Victimization perception
  • Spiritual suffering

Risk population

  • People at economic disadvantage
  • People of families with ineffective family coping
  • People with a history of violence
  • Men
  • Older adults
  • Young adults

Associated problems

  • Chronic disease
  • Disabilities of development
  • Mental disorders
  • Motor skills disorders