00280 Neonatal Hypothermia

Domain 11: security/protection
Class 6: thermoregulation
Diagnostic Code: 00280
Nanda label: neonatal hypothermia
Diagnostic focus: hypothermia
approved 2020 • Evidence level 3.1

NANDA Nursing Diagnosis Definition

Nanda nursing diagnosis « neonatal hypothermia is defined as: central body temperature of an infant below the normal daytime range.

Definite characteristics

  • distal cyanosis
  • Bradycardia
  • Decrease in blood glucose level
  • Decrease in the metabolic rate
  • Decrease in peripheral perfusion
  • Decrease in ventilation
  • Hypertension
  • Hypoglycemia
  • Hypoxia
  • Increased oxygen demand
  • Insufficient energy to maintain suction
  • Irritability
  • Metabolic acidosis
  • paleness
  • Peripheral vasoconstriction
  • Respiratory distress
  • cold skin to touch
  • Slow hair filling
  • Tachycardia
  • Weight increase <30 g/day

Related factors

  • Breastfeeding delay
  • Newborn’s early bathroom
  • Heat transfer by excessive driving
  • Heat transfer by excessive convection
  • Heat transfer by excessive evaporation
  • Transfer of heat by excessive radiation
  • Inappropriate knowledge of the caregiver (a) about the prevention of hypothermia
  • Inappropriate dress
  • Malnutrition

Risk population

  • Infants with low birth weight
  • Neonates <0-28 days of age
  • Neonates born by caesarean section
  • Neonates born from teenage mothers
  • Neonates born in families at economic disadvantage
  • Neonates exposed to low environmental temperatures
  • Neonates with high -risk extrahospital delivery
  • Neonates with inadequate subcutaneous fat
  • Neonates with increased body surface in relation to the weight range
  • Neonates born in an unplanned extrahospital delivery
  • Premature neonates

Associated problems

  • Hypothalamus injury
  • Immature corneal layer
  • Increased pulmonary vascular resistance
  • Ineffective vascular control
  • Thermogenesis without ineffective tremor
  • Low aspect of appearance, pulse, grimace (grimace), activity and breathing (apgar)
  • Pharmacological preparations