00265 Occupational Injury Risk

Domain 11: security/protection
Class 4: environment hazards
Diagnostic Code: 00265
Nanda label: occupational injury risk
Diagnostic focus: occupational injury
Approved 2016 • Evidence level 2.1

NANDA Nursing Diagnosis Definition

Nanda nursing diagnosis « occupational lesion risk ” is defined as: susceptible to an accident or work -related accident or disease, which can compromise health.

Risk factors

  • Abstract from interpersonal relationships
  • Excessive stress
  • Incorrect use of personal protection equipment
  • Inappropriate knowledge
  • Inappropriate skills for time management
  • Ineffective coping strategies
  • erroneous interpretation of information
  • Too safe behaviors
  • Psychological discomfort
  • Non -healthy habits
  • Usecure work behaviors

Non -modified environmental factors

  • Limitations of the environment
  • Exposure to biological agents
  • Exposure to chemical agents
  • Exposure to noise
  • Radiotherapy exposure
  • Exposure to teratogenic agents
  • Vibration exposure
  • Inappropriate access to individual protection equipment
  • Inadequate physical environment
  • Labor relations
  • Rotation of work shifts at night and day
  • Labor “Burnout” Syndrome
  • Physical workload
  • Work in shifts

Risk population

  • People exposed to extreme environmental temperatures