00260 Risk Of Complicated Migratory Transition

Domain 9: coping/stress tolerance
Class 1: posttraumatic responses
Diagnostic Code: 00260
Nanda label: complicated migratory transition risk
Diagnostic focus: migratory transition
Approved 2016 • Evidence level 2.1

NANDA Nursing Diagnosis Definition

Nanda nursing diagnosis « risk of complicated migratory transition is defined as: likely to experience negative feelings (loneliness, fear, anxiety) in response to the non -satisfactory consequences and the cultural barriers of The personal migration transition, which can compromise health.

Risk factors

  • Owner of the abusive accommodation
  • The available work is below educational training
  • Barriers in communication
  • Cultural barriers
  • Inappropriate knowledge about access to resources
  • Inadequate social support
  • Coexistence in the same house of many people without kinship relationship
  • Massed accommodation
  • Open social discrimination
  • Parento-Filial Conflicts related to the Entry Under
  • Unhealthy housing conditions

Risk population

  • People who experience forced migration
  • People who experience labor exploitation
  • People who experience precarious economic situation
  • People exposed to dangerous working conditions with inappropriate training
  • People who live far from significant people
  • Immigradas undocumented people
  • People with breach of the expectations of migration