00242 Deterioration Of Independent Decision Making

Domain 10: vital principles
class 3: congruence between values/beliefs/actions
Diagnostic Code: 00242
Nanda label: deterioration of independent decision making
Diagnostic focus: independent decision making
Approved 2013 • Revised 2017 • Evidence level 2.1

NANDA Nursing Diagnosis Definition

Nanda nursing diagnosis « deterioration of independent decision making is defined as: decision -making process in relation to health care that does not include personal knowledge or takes into account the social norms or that does not happen in a flexible environment, resulting in an unsatisfactory decision.

Definite characteristics

  • Delay in the adoption of the health care option
  • Difficulty in choosing a health care option that best suits the usual lifestyle
  • Express feel limited to describing one’s opinion
  • Express discomfort in relation to the opinions of others
  • Express excessive concern for the opinion of others
  • Express excessive fear about what others think about a decision
  • Deterioration of the ability to describe how the option will adapt to the usual lifestyle
  • Limited verbalization on the health care option in the presence of others

Related factors

  • Decrease in the understanding of all available health care options
  • Difficulty properly verbalizing perceptions on health care options
  • Inadequate trust to discuss health care options openly
  • Inadequate information in relation to health care options
  • Inadequate intimacy to openly discuss health care options
  • Inadequate personal trust in decision making
  • Insufficient time to discuss health care options

Risk population

  • People with limited experience in decision making
  • Women who access systems health care with patriarchal hierarchy
  • Women living in families with patriarchal hierarchy