00225 Risk Of Personal Identity Disorder

Domain 6: self -perception
Class 1: self -concept
Diagnostic Code: 00225
Nanda label: risk of personal identity disorder
Diagnostic focus: personal identity
Approved 2010 • Revised 2013, 2017 • Evidence level 2.1

NANDA Nursing Diagnosis Definition

Nanda nursing diagnosis « risk of personal identity disorder ” is defined as: susceptible to having inability to maintain a complete and integrated perception of the self, which can compromise health. P>

Risk factors

  • Alteration of the social role
  • Worship indoctrination
  • Dysfunctional family processes
  • Gender conflict
  • Low self -esteem
  • Perception of social discrimination
  • incongruous values ??with cultural norms

Risk population

  • People who experience development transition
  • People who experience situational crises
  • People exposed to chemical toxic

Associated problems

  • Dissociative identity disorder
  • Mental disorders
  • Neurocognitive disorder
  • Pharmacological preparations

Suggested alternative diagnostics

  • Low self -esteem, risk of
  • Low situational self -esteem, risk of
  • Acute confusion, risk of
  • Chronic confusion
  • Personal identity disorder

NOC Results

Note : Noc results have not yet been associated with this diagnosis, although the following could be useful:

  • Self -control of distorted thoughts: self -containment of alterations in perception, thought processes and in the content of thought
  • Self -esteem: Personal judgment of one’s worth
  • Identity: distinguishes the self from others and characterizes its own essence
  • Sexual identity: recognition and acceptance of one’s own sexual identity

Evaluation objectives and criteria

See the examples with the use of Noc terms for diagnosis Personal identity disorder.

  • • Does not develop a personal identity disorder, as shown by distorted thoughts, identity, self -esteem and sexual identity

Other examples

  • See other examples for the diagnosis of personal identity disorder.

NIC Interventions

  • NIC interventions have not yet been developed for this diagnosis, even when you can choose from the NIC interventions the diagnosis of personal identity disorder.

Nursing Activities

    • Nursing activities should focus on preventing and monitoring the symptoms of personal identity disorder. Prevention measures should be specific to patient risk factors. The appropriate interventions of the Nursing Activities Section for the previous diagnosis of personal identity disorder must be selected.