00182 Provision To Improve Self -Care

Domain 4: activity/rest
class 5: self -care
Diagnostic Code: 00182
Nanda label: disposition to improve self -care
Diagnostic focus: self -care
Approved 2006 • Revised 2013 • Evidence level 2.1

NANDA Nursing Diagnosis Definition

The Nanda nursing diagnosis « disposition to improve self -care is defined as: pattern of activities by the person who helps achieve health -related objectives, which may be reinforced.

Definite characteristics

  • Expresses desire to improve independence in health matters
  • Express desire to improve independence in your life
  • Expresses desire to improve independence in personal development matters
  • Expresses desire to improve independence in well -being matters
  • Express desire to improve knowledge of self -care strategies
  • Express desire to improve self -care

Suggestions of use

The definition and defining characteristics indicate that it is a very broad diagnosis. If it were limited to achieve an improvement in hygiene and bathroom, dress and personal arrangement, food and toilet use, the nursing professional could help the patient strengthen self -care in daily life activities. In that case, the objectives and activities corresponding to the diagnosis of self -care deficit could be used.
However, as already mentioned, this diagnosis is very wide and could include almost any area of ??a person’s life. Therefore, it is not possible to establish specific objectives and interventions for diagnosis.
If the person manifests the desire to concentrate on learning self -care strategies, the diagnosis of disposition to improve knowledge should be considered; If this implies the maintenance of personal development, the disposition diagnosis could be used to improve self -concept.

Suggested alternative diagnostics